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Requirements: Intel-Mac. Mac OS X.5 or later
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ArtMatic Designer - Modular Graphics Synthesizer

ArtMatic Designer 6 is here. ArtMatic is a unique graphics app for creating all sorts of still images, motion graphics and video special effects. It is a graphics synthesizer somewhat akin to music synthesizers but can create still images and animation (as well as sound). ArtMatic has hundreds of graphics modules that you can link together in countless ways to generate images and animation. You can even use it to process photos and movies.

Use it to create all kinds of graphics: interesting decorative images, background textures, video special effects, fractals, fine-art, motion graphics, and much more. It has a place in any artist's studio.

Intro videos. Here are some brief introductory videos to teach you a bit about ArtMatic. Intro (the browser). Intro Part 2 (anatomy of Artmatic). Part 3 (processing photos and movies with ArtMatic). More lessons.

Design or mutate. You can design your own images or create generative art using our mutation and randomization features. You can also use our mutation features to find intriguing new directions in your own designs.

Words cannot do ArtMatic justice.

To see what you can do with ArtMatic, take a look through the still image galleries, animation gallery, and Chill Room HD video gallery. Be sure to check out our clips of ArtMatic objects rendered by ArtMatic Voyager! The possibilities are infinite.

ArtMatic Voyager. While ArtMatic can create convincing semi-3D on its own, it is also used to create true-3D elements for our ArtMatic Voyager 3D Rendering environment. Use it to create 3D objects, landscapes, skies, clouds, lighting effects, and more for ArtMatic Voyager. Visit the ArtMatic 5/ Voyager 2 Intro Gallery to see ArtMatic elements rendered with Artmatic Voyager.

Countless uses. It is used by studio artists, web designers , hobbyists, and commercial graphic artists. It is even used by high-fashion designers for custom textiles and has been used for big-budget Hollywood productions. High-quality prints of ArtMatic images have graced the walls of many art galleries and exhibitions. It has been used for many CD, DVD and book covers and video art installations.

Libraries. We provide many presets to get you started, and there are additional libraries available.

FIND OUT MORE! Visit the old ArtMatic pages to find out even more about ArtMatic.

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