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Requirements: Intel-Mac, Mac OS X.5 or later
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ArtMatic Voyager - 3D Landscapes, Objects and Abstracts

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A new generation for ArtMatic Voyager is coming! It introduces a host of new possibilities and amazing new features. Purchase ArtMatic Voyager 2 now and you will receive the new version when it is released. Take a peek at some of the possibilities here.

From photo-realistic to psychedelic, ArtMatic Voyager is a 3D-rendering app for both landscapes and ArtMatic-based 3D objects and abstracts. The quality of its landscapes is legendary. Easily create planet-sized landscapes and animate stunning fly-throughs in a fraction of the time that it would take in more traditional 3D apps. The new DFRM objects allow the rendering of 3D objects and abstracts like you have never seen. (ArtMatic is required for the design of DFRM objects).

Find out more about the ArtMatic Voyager/ArtMatic combination.

Find out more about ArtMatic Voyager.

Read about the great new features addded in version 2. Watch some cool video clips.

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