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Welcome to the Support Center. We hope that you will find the answers to your questions here. More than 90 percent of the questions that we are asked are answered either here on our web site or in the product documentation.

Take some time to look for the answer before contacting us. The software documentation is all in pdf form and you can use the Find feature of Preview or Adobe Reader to look for your answer. If you cannot find the information you need, please let us know. Your inquiries will be answered quickly. Your inquiries are answered by one of our engineer's or designers.

OS COMPATIBILITY! The current versions of ArtMatic (Designer), ArtMatic Voyager, MetaSynth and Xx are Yosemite-compatible.

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Registered users of our applications are entitled to special pricing on new versions of the software. Minor updates are free of charge. The cost of major upgrades may depend on what version you are upgrading from. We send announcements to all registered users when new versions become available.

If you did not see the message that we sent, you can have it re-sent by clicking here. You can also update your email address if it has changed by clicking here.

Spam filters frequently prevent our customers from receiving the notices that we send out. We have an automated serveice for retrieving upgrade information (and serial numbers and download information. Be sure to check your junk mail folder if you do not see the message sent by our server and make sure that your online mail filtering is not set to delete suspected junk mail.

Retrieve upgrade order information by visiting our registration update page by clicking here.

If you have lost your serial number or need current download information retrieve it by clicking here. You can also update your email address if it has changed.

If you are having trouble getting started with our software or making progress with it, be sure to print out the tutorial chapters of the software documentation and perform them. We have found that performing the tutorials provides far more benefit than reading them -- the lessons are structured to provide hands-on insights that you won't get from reading them without performing them.

Our apps are unique -- and that uniqueness may take some getting used to. We have tried to structure the tutorials to help you learn useful workflows and approaches that may not be obvious at first but which will prove both powerful and intuitive once you have spent some time with the software. Think of it as learning a new instrument.

While you can ask us questions directly, the preferred support forum is our UILIST email-based user group. You can learn more about it by clicking here. This list is a great resource since many list members are product experts and creative artists who have gone through the discovery process and are happy to help. Also, they often know more about related topics (projectors, sound cards, and other non-U&I-specific topics) than we do.

Before contacting us, please check the available FAQs and forums and wikis, the documentation of the product in question, and the Hot Topics list.

If you have a sales or pre-sales, question write to us at

Please take a look at the FAQs and the Hot Topics before contacting us.

We respond to email promptly and find that it is much more efficient than phone support.

If you recently ordered the software and have not seen your serial number message, be sure to check your junk mail folder -- and make sure that you do not have an online spam filter that deletes suspected spam. Our serial number server sends out serial numbers and download information every 4 to 6 hours. If it has been more than 6 hours and you have not seen an email from us with download information, it is very very likely that the message is in your junk mail folder OR has been deleted by an aggressive online spam filter.

If you have lost your serial numbers and download information, you can retrieve them by clicking here.

If you need up update your email address, you can do so by clicking here.

Below is a list of the current U&I Software applications.

Upgrade information has been sent to all registered users. If you did not see the upgrade announcement, we may not have your current email address on file.

Upgrade information, serial numbers and download information can be looked up by clicking here

To get the download location of the latest version application you own, visit our customer information page by clicking here.

For information about upgrading and registering your software, please see our Frequently Answered Questions.

Application Current Version Notes Home Page
ArtMatic 6.0 A major upgrade from 5. It is a paid upgrade from earlier versions. Upgrade order information can be retrieved by visiting:
Please note that the name has been changed from ArtMatic to ArtMatic Designer
ArtMatic Voyager 3.0 A major upgrade from version 2. This is a paid upgrade. Upgrade order information can be retrieved by visiting:
MetaSynth 5.4 Paid upgrade from version 4 and earlier. Free update for version 5.0 owners. Requires OS X.5 or later. Version 5.4 requires Intel-Mac. Version 5.31 available for PowerPC users.
MetaTrack 1.4 MetaTrack ihas been retired. Its functionality has been implemented in MetaSynth 4.0.
Videodelic 1.04 Free update. Fixes some minor anomalies and adds support for machines that do not have built-in sound input.
VTrack 2.8 Legacy software. Free upgrade to owners of version 2.5 - 2.7. 2.8 improves compatibility with ArtMatic 4.8. 2.8 is an inexpensive paid upgrade from version prior to 2.5. Upgrade order information can be retrieved by visiting:
VTrack requires Rosetta or a PowerPC and cannot run under Lion. It cannot read ArtMatic 5-format files. We are working on a new-generation app that will replace VTrack but do not have a release timeline to make public.
Xx 5.4 Paid upgrade from version 1. Free upgrade to version 5.0 owners. Version 5.4 requires Intel-Mac. Version 5.31b available for PowerPC users. 5.31b fixes various Audio Unit compatibility issues and some other odds-and-ends including a Save bug that some people encountered. In the Finder, the app says 5.3 and has a modification date of Aug. 2, 2012


If none of the resources above provided an answer to your question, please follow the self-help process outlined below. If you are still unable to solve the problem, you can contact us via the direct support email address found below.


  1. Take a look at the Hot Topics and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions page first. Most questions are answered there.
  2. Perform the tutorials. If you have not yet performed the tutorials (or QuickStart) provided with the software, PLEASE perform (don't just read them). Almost half of the questions, we are asked are covered in the tutorials. Sometimes the answers can be missed if you have read (rather than performed) the tutorial.
  3. Read the manual. Most messages we receive take longer to write than it takes to find the answer in the documentation. And the documentation usually provides more information than we can provide in an email message.
  4. Search pdf file (the documentation). Preview and Adobe Reader have a Find command that can be used to search the documentation. Use the Find command to search for words related to your question. For example, if you aren't sure how to use picture input in ArtMatic, search for 'picture', 'input', 'pict'.
  5. Search the UILIST archives and/or join the UILIST. The UILIST is our online, email-based users group. You can search the list archives without joining the list. Joining the list is a great way to get help and advice from experienced users. To search the archive visit: . To join the list, visit the list home page or send a blank message to:
  6. Ask your question on the UILIST. The UILIST is our online email-based users group and is the best way to get support. We read the list and actively participate. Questions on the list get answered first. To join the list, send a blank message to:
  7. Direct support email: PLEASE write to us ONLY after you have read the Hot Topics and used the resources discussed above.

DIRECT EMAIL. If none of the above avenues provides the answer/solution (or if none of these avenues is relevant to your question), write to and we will try to respond within 24 hours. Be sure to include, your name, the software version you are using, the OS version, the amount of RAM you have, the amount of RAM assigned to the application and any other relevant information. Please don't write to the direct support address until you have searched the documentation, performed the tutorials and checked the online FAQs (if one is available for the application).

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