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Our software is exclusively for Mac OS

Electronic music and sound design software that re-invents synthesis and filtering. A powerful new way of looking at music. A fast and flexible graphic sound design and synthesis environment used by many leading musicians, composers, and sound designers. Winner of numerous prestigious awards.
Modular graphics and animation synthesizer. Create high-res still images, fractals, video, video effects, and motion graphics. An essential tool in any artist's toolbox. Easy to use and incredibly fun to explore. Create digital fine art, commercial graphics, animation, video effects & motion graphics, and much more. Visit the galleries and video podcast to get a glimpse of the astounding possibilities.
ArtMatic Voyager
From Eric Wenger, the creator of Bryce 3D, ArtMatic Voyager creates 3D photorealistic (and surrealistic) worlds and landscapes. Be sure to visit the galleries to see the stunning quality possible.
Xx is an algorithmic composing tool and lightweight MIDI sequencer with MIDI-to-MetaSynth capabilities. Xx 5 for OSX can natively playback MetaSynth instruments and AU synths and send output via MIDI.
VTrack (Legacy Software. Requires a PowerPC or Rosetta).
VTrack is our revolutionary video and special effects sequencer with integrated ArtMatic rendering and effects. Use VTrack to create complete music/art videos or killer motion graphics sequences that you will drop into your other movie projects. VTrack bridges all our applications in sequencing both audio and visual elements created with all our applications. Capable of higher than HD resolution! Requires Rosetta or PowerPC Mac. More news here.
Videodelic (Legacy Sotware. Runs only in OS9 or OS X Classic)
A mind-blowing psychedelic experience, right on your computer screen. Videodelic creates dynamic, evolving, real-time 2-D animation from still images, QuickTime movies and live video input. Pulsing, twisting, morphing, changing in unimaginable ways--all controlled in real-time by audio, MIDI or computer keyboard input. If you're into live video performance, interactive art, computer graphics, or if you're just looking for something really different, this is what you've been waiting for.

Runs in OS 9 natively. In OS X runs in 'Classic'. Visit the FAQ pages to learn about using MIDI in classic mode using MIDIBridge a 3rd Party OMS emulator.

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