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MetaSynth-Related Links :

SoundCloud MetaSynth Music Station
A SoundCloud music station featuring MetaSynth music. Check it out!
Music site for U&I's Edward Spiegel Home of EJM whose music relies heavily on MetaSynth and MetaTrack
MetaEssentals: MSBeatBos, MSMidiPix, MetaCycle, and More
Software utilities for MetaSynth 4. Capture MIDI to pict format with MSMidiPix. Program rhythms with a beat box interface with MSBeatBox!! MetaCycle for REX to MetaSynth. And much more. Essential utilities for all MetaSynth 4 users.
DVD Library of MetaSynth Resources
Architecture Volume One | 10,000 new ground-breaking resources, presets, and samples for Metasyth on one 9GB DVD.
The UILIST - email-based user community
To join the list send a blank email to or visit the list's homepage.
MetaSynthia - MetaSynth Music and CD-ROM Magazine
Here is where you can buy the MetaSynthia collections -- audio and animations using MetaSynth and ArtMatic.
Edmund Egan's Twelfth Root
Helge Krabye's MetaSynth Music
Music by MetaSynth master Helge Krabye.
All MetaSynth Release by Glen Bledsoe
Here you can listen to and purchase "Octopants" by Glen L. Bledsoe. This is an all MetaSynth recording.
Intriguing MetaSynth Multimedia Compositions
MemSonMemImage, artistic project dedicated to the relation between image/sound. Each sound and visual element has a mutual attribution, each one is expressed in themselves and by themselves.

Artmatic & Videodelic-Related Links

ArtMatic Galleries
ArtMatic Voyager Galleries
Hans Scheffler's AM/VT Videos
Very chill electronic music videos created with ArtMatic, VTrack and AM Voyager.
MacWorld Magazine's ArtMatic 1.2 Review
Peter Miller's ArtMatic Galleries
These galleries are ArtMatic only -- and you won't believe it when you see the images!
From a young age I have always had a fascination with the possibility of finding a Portal or Gateway that could transport me from everyday life to different worlds and dimensionsÖ. I am still searching for mine......! In the meantime Artmatic Voyager is my Virtual Portal allowing me to discover new planets and alien places. I hope you enjoy visiting them as much as I have. I have been using Artmatic 4.8 and Artmatic Voyager 1.8 for just over a year now and am completely overwhelmed with the effects that can be produced - I don't believe I will ever stop learning and exploring all the possibilities!
Artmatic Pro,Artmatic Voyager and MetasynthMy site is a Artmatic and Voyager Fotogallery, based on fantasy themes
Diego Garro's ArtMatic animations
The videotrack was realised entirely using animations generated by ArtMatic. The soundtrack was created with various audio applications, including MetaSynth.
Herve Berillon ArtMatic Gallery
Randall Snyder's ArtMatic Pages
He also has another ArtMatic related site:
DragonWizard's Voyages
Gallery of ArtMatic Voyager images -- more at
ArtMatic Art from Randolph Bufano
This site utilizes ArtMatic Pro, ArtMatic Voyager, and Bryce to create abstract, optical, geometrical, and surreal art, digital landscapes, and science fiction scenes.
This site shows content from Artmatic, V Track, and Voyager. Movies are mostly shown using the Flash Video file format. Please pay a visit!
Serendigity's Voyager and ArtMatic Images
Photo-realistic and fantasy landscapes created with Voyager and abstract work using ArtMatic Pro
German-language site that features some nice ArtMatic Voyager work.
The link is to my public gallery at,"RealMcCoyDigitalArt" with over 700 Artmatic images and a small 3D Bryce gallery.
ArtMatic-designed scarves!
This is a link to my limited edition designer scarves created using Artmatic with no post processing.
A gallery of more than 350 high-quality ArtMatic Pro and ArtMatic Voyager images
Hakon Soreide's Galleries
After discovering ArtMatic Pro, it has fuelled my creative passion, making me find lots of interesting images, sometimes completely at random, sometimes playing with the random settings that show up - and on my website I have added a growing gallery of ArtMatic artwork, hoping that it can also inspire others to find their own creativity.
Trubright ArtMatic Gallery
This is my ArtMatic gallery. I've been using it for years to create digital art and am blown away by it's seemingly limitless possibilities.
Amateur hobby site which is focused on production of abstract music videos created primarily using Artmatic 5 and 6 generated sequences. The site has a small sample of my work with playable streams some up to 1080p.

Bryce-Related Links :
Daz3D - Current Publishers of Bryce , by Chris Cassady :
Check out his incredible Bryce-made tiles
Suzan Kitchens Bryce Books

Music Related Links :

Eastwestsounds :
Electronic Music Foundation
Electronic Musician
Harmony Central
HeadSpace :
Keyboard Magazine
Free downloadable loops and samples.
Berklee Press
Harmonic Presence
Home site of composer-vocalist David Hykes
Home page of composer / producer Juan C Masotta. Metasynth is used in most tracks.

Other Hot Links :
A new magazine about digital art is born : ITíS ART IT IS FREE, and available in French and English language.IT'S ART is therefore meant to be a relaying support for these artists, discovered across the world with the help of the Internet. We want the magazine and its web site to enable creators introducing their artwork to a new public, opening our column to the discovery to all that make artwork, from its origin to its conception and final inception. ITíS ART is available in two forms: an e-mag version distributed in a PDF file, and an online version.

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