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The quotes on this page are unsolicited testimonials from people that have written to us about how much they love MetaSynth 4.

Todd Barton composer-in-residence Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Compositionally MS4 allows me to shape notes and phrases more organically than other sequencers (yes, other sequencers can do similar things but is involves touching each note). Notes and phrases can be shaped with feathered precision for attacks, pan, swells, decays, etc. I find MetaSynth breathes life into phrases, harmonies and rhythms, not to mention all the various non-chromatic scales available to explore. And, finally, the Image Synth makes transformation, variation and morphing of compositional material a snap.

Anton Torres: MetaSynth has captured my imagination like no other piece of software, in all the 18 years I've been using and abusing software with computers. It's the first thing I pick up when I'm feeling uninspired, and it never fails to stoke the flames of my creativity. It's the first thing I pick up when I'm swooning with artistic vision.

Juan Cruz Masotta: This is the first time I write to someone praising their software. After a week of having Metasynth 4, my mind is still blown away with its capabilities. The way it is put together is amazingly clever. The wait was way worthwhile, and so was the upgrade price. I feel like I'm running an infinite factory of loops and ambiences. Whenever someone listens to my music and asks "How did you do THAT??", they are listening to a MetaSynth-generated chunk. It is the most revolutionary music tool I ever saw.

Helge Krabye, professional composer and sound designer: For twenty five years, I have been using analogue, digital and now analogue-modelling soft synthesizers, but I have yet to see or hear a more powerful and musical synthesizer than MetaSynth 4. Being able to adjust the parameters while recording every movement to disk in realtime, is just pure joy!

Andrew Souter, composer, on the Image Filter Room: The new IF is truly F-ing amazing!!! If PICTs are designed correctly it can sound truly "analog", almost like an old Moog LP--perfectly smooth. Of course you can also now incorporate panning into the filter etc etc... Some great work to be done in this area...It just filters what it is suppose to and does not even add any phase anomalies... Amazing. Brilliant!

Bärbel Neubauer: My experience with MetaSynth and with all U&I Software: it enables me to work as intuitively as I have always wished, and much more. I love especially the surprises, that lead me to new paths. It's approach to visuals and sounds is thrilling, from the beginning up to now. The flexibility and possibility to combine and switch between so many approaches, levels and elements is great, MetaSynth 4 is excellent....Many thanks for your great support!
For me the tutorials are really good the way they are - compact, informative and easy to follow, and very inspiring and helpful. Behind all a great attitude. Due to the quality of the software and the tutorials you can adapt and translate [it] all easily to your own imaginations and needs. They teach you in a very clear, practical and compact way lots of very essential, useful steps in a short, logical and significant way. I think they are so outstanding because the software and the tutorials were made by the same people.

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