Breaking News! MetaSynth 4 - Notes for Users of Earlier Versions

February 2, 2005 - Due to the intense interest in MetaSynth 4, we are releasing before all of the web development to support it has been completed -- because the software is solid and well-tested and (from all of the email we have been receiving) people can't wait. So, this page is a little rough and will be updated in the coming days and weeks. Download the demo! It speaks for itself.

UPGRADE INFORMATION: (Feb. 3, 2005) Upgrade information is being emailed to all registered users. Check your registration and update it if necessary by clicking here. In the meantime, enjoy the demo version by clicking here.

Intro - What's New

So much has changed that it is not possible to capture it all in a short document, and the scale of the leap forward is more than the sum of the changes. We urge everyone to download the demo and perform (not just read) the tutorials that we have provided. Print them out to make them easier to follow.

MetaSynth 4 is an extraordinary was largely re-written to make the single biggest advancement possible: realtime manipulation in all of MetaSynth's rooms. The old palette-based interface has been replaced by a room-based architecture that makes MetaSynth 4 a very clean application that is not only more powerful than before but also easier and even more fun to use. The new Spectrum Synth Room is another paradigm-smashing U&I innovation that opens up sonic possibilities that we cannot comprehend. The stereo, fully-configurable Image Filter Room replaces the Filter Palette but does much more than that. The accuracy of its filters and the fidelity of the filtering is stunning.

MetaSynth vs. MetaSynth Pro

There are now two versions of MetaSynth. MetaSynth 4 is a 16-bit application. MetaSynth Pro is a 24-bit application that also features realtime audio recording in the Montage Room (yes, you can now record real instruments and voice in sync with your tracks). Both applications are OS X-only.

MetaSynth 4 has a suggested retail price of $499. MetaSynth 4 Pro has a suggested retail price of $599

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Effects Room - Like New

replaces the Effects Palette.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

• effect parameters can be controlled by envelopes
• many new effects,
• improved implementation of all older effects,
• the new Shuffler and Grain must be hear to be believed!
• realtime capture to disk of effects performances

Spectrum Synth Room - New

Completely new synthesis paradigm that allows the sequencing and manipulation of FFT-events created by high-resolution spectral analysis of sounds. Great for creating new instruments for multisamplers, rhythm loops and abstract soundscapes.

Sequencer Room - New

Easy-to-use single track non-MIDI sequencer for creating melodies, grooves and more.

Features new MetaSynth Instrument architecture that features new multi-oscillator wavetable and FM synthesizers, the new grain synth, and improved samplers with randomized start offset.

For those that find composing melodies in the Image Synth daunting, this is the place to go. The Image Synth can import Sequencer Room sequences.

Montage Room

MetaTrack has been much improved and integrated into MetaSynth itself. The Montage Room has an easy drag and drop interface that allows all MetaSynth content-types (sound files, Image Synth presets, Spectrum Synth Sequences and Sequencer Room sequences) to be layered and sequenced.

Image Filter Room - Like New

Replaces the Filter Palette. The Image Filter provides the Image Synth's tools for creating high-resolution full-fidelity dynamic stereo filters.


• full-fidelity, stereo previews
• realtime capture to disk,
• realtime editing
• vastly improved fidelity,
• uses Image Synth custom tunings.

Image Synth - Like New


• realtime editing and full-fidelity preview,
• capture to disk of realtime performances
• new instrument architecture featuring multi-oscillator FM synths, new grain synth and more.


Migration Tips

To move from MetaSynth 2.x to 4.0, make sure to perform the tutorials.

Image Synth preset libraries will be converted to a new format with your old libraries left untouched. Presets that use the Procedural (FM) Synth, Sample Granular input source or Granular Synth input source will need to have new instruments created for them. You will find MetaSynth's new instruments much more powerful and much more flexible than before.

Image Synth rendering - in MetaSynth 2.x, the rendered sound was exactly the duration specified in the Tempo/Duration dialog. MetaSynth's new instrument architecture allows instruments to have a release time. If the instrument in use has a release time, the rendered sound will be longer than the nominal duration indicated by the Tempo/Durations Dialog. When the sound is rendered, the Sample Editor will select the portion of the sound that corresponds to the nominal length so that you can crop the sound to that length if you need the sound to precisely match the duration indicated in the Tempo/Durations dialog.

MetaTrack sequences - track effects are not imported. If you have moved your sounds, you may need to find them. Put them in the subfolders

Technical Specs

Sample Rates Supported: 44.1 kHz - 96 kHz rendered sound. 22 kHz - 48 kHz realtime preview.

Bit-depth: MetaSynth Pro is 24-bit. MetaSynth is 16-bit.

What's Gone

Sadly, in the process of rewriting MetaSynth some features of MetaSynth 2.x have either changed or are no longer supported. We don't want you to be surprised–and we don't think that you will miss these features when you have a grasp of how powerful MetaSynth 4 is. Here are features that have changed significantly since version 2.7: