Image Synth Presentation

Many people consider the Image Synth to be the heart of MetaSynth. The presentations on this page will introduce you to Image Synth "Basics" as well as demonstrate some of the extraordinary sounds that the Image Synth makes possible.

The Image Synth is a composition and sound design environment where you paint music and sound.It is not a soft-synth or synth plug-in.

Click on a link to explore the Image Synth. These presentations require the FLASH player:

Image Synth Basics - This presentation explains the very basics of Image Synthesis and presents a variety of sounds to give you an idea of the Image Synth's range. The sound collage plays automatically at the end of the presentation.

Sound Collage - Hear a montage of Image Synth sounds while watching the images with which they were created. At the collage's conclusion, you can explore the "sound pictures" in more detail.