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MetaSynth plays a prominent role in the work of many leading composers, musicians and sound designers. It has played a major role in soundtracks for major motion pictures and TV shows, countless techno and electronica releases as wellavant-garde and experimental CDs. MetaSynth is often the secret tool in the arsenal of professional sound designers and producers who are reluctant to publicize the tool that gives them the edge.

Its use as a key tool in the sound design for The Matrix which won an Academy Award for sound is widely known. It has played an important role in the sound design or scores of The Panic Room, The Lord of the Rings, Run Lola Run and many other films. It was central to Aphex Twin's infamous Window Licker. And many contemporary producers and artists consider it an important part of their arsenal.

Below are interviews with some innovative MetaSynth artists. And a few "sightings" of prominent artists using MetaSynth. Note: these are real MetaSynth users and not paid endorsers.


Barry Jamieson - Producer/remixer Barry Jamieson a DJ Sasha collaborator and well-known artist/producer in his own right spoke to us about the important role that MetaSynth has been playing in his recent projects.

Todd Barton - From neo-classical to ambient experimental music, Todd does it all. He is the composer-in-residence at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and is the director of composition studies at Southern Oregon University. His music has been performed by the Kronos Quartet and the Oregon Symphony Orchestra and has been heard on NPR.

Ian Boddy - well-known ambient composer and sound-designer talks with us about his use of MetaSynth. Ian has also shares Vox Lumina, a track that was mostly done in MetaSynth, off of his Aurora CD.


Erdem Helvacioglu / Per Boysen - These talented composers have released a record Sub City 2064 which makes extensive use of MetaSynth. Read Per's Note About the Collaboration

Erdem Helvacioglu - Erdem tells us that MetaSynth was used extensively on his record Wounded Breath and many of his other projects. We hope to have an interview with him soon about his use of MetaSynth.

Dane Davis - Mr. Davis is one of Hollywood's great sound designers. He has not been shy about his love of MetaSynth. Read more

Junkie XL - He has made it no secret that he loves MetaSynth. He talks some about it in this 2008 interview in EM. He mentioned in this piece in Remix.

Richard Devine - distinguished, cutting-edge producer, sound designer, film and game music composer, remix artist, Richard Devine tells us that MetaSynth 5 has become a critical tool for him. We will be featuring an inteview with him (hopefully soon). Read more about Richard and his thoughts about MetaSynth.Read more

Michael Bierylo - member of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic and professor of music synthesis at Berklee College of Music is a longtime MetaSynth user and will be featured in an interview later this year. He tells us "just about everything I've worked on involves MetaSynth. There are two cuts from the recent Birdsongs CD Extreme Spirituals where MetaSynth textures provide the underpinning for the arrangements...I also do laptop sets where the bulk of the musical material came from MetaSynth. These are all done in Live." Read his Sept 2009 blog post about MetaSynth.

Aphex Twin - Richard James' use of MetaSynth on his classic Window Licker helped put MetaSynth on the map.

Guy Sigsworth - Mr. Sigsworth has let us know that MetaSynth plays a key role in his arsenal.

Andy Page - Mr. Page discovered MetaSynth while working on the Alanis Morissette album Flavors of Entanglement and has been hooked ever since.

Andrew Souter - Producer/composer/MetaSynthesist Andrew Souter collaborated with Sasha on INVOL2VER and tells us that MetaSynth played a big role on that release.

Sasha - He mentions MetaSynth as an inspiration for INVOL2VER in this ReMix article. Read more about its use on Involver 2 (INVOL2VER) in our interview with Barry Jamieson.

Eric Persing - Founder of Spectrasonics and formerly Chief Sound Designer for Roland, Mr. Persing is an innovative sound designer whose sound libraries are considered must-own by many synthesists. He has spoken widely in print about his love of MetaSynth.

Reinhold Heil - Mr. Heil is a highly respected musician and composer who spoke at some length in this Millimeter article about his use of MetaSynth while scoring Run Lola Run and the Princess and the Warrior. His credits include many other critical and popular favorites such as One Hour Photo, Deadwood and Without a Trace.  Read More

Michael Fakesch - Mr. Fakesch provided the music and sound design for the award-winning Carousel, a short film (2:19), that won the 2009 Grand Prix Lion at Cannes. Watch it by clicking here. The sound design for Between was also largely done with MetaSynth. Watch it here. Find out more about Mr. Fakesch's music and sound design. We hope to have an interview with Mr. Fakesch soon.

More interviews and sightings coming!

Latest Sighting:

MetaSynth used exensively on the terrific record Sub City 2064. Read all about it.

Recent additions:

Two awesome short-films with music/sound-design by Michael Fakesch done largely with MetaSynth. Carousel and Between. Read more.

Interview with Barry Jamieson (producer/artist/remixer and DJ Sasha collaborator)

If you haven't read the EM interview with Junkie XL. Be sure to check it out.

There are a great many notable artists using our software and these pages present only a few -- since so many artists are using MetaSynth as a 'secret weapon'. A number of artists have consented to interviews and we will post new additions when they find time to sit down and talk with us.

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