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Grains - Explorations of MicroHarmonics

Music by Edward Spiegel

GRAINS: Part 3

Grains: Part 3 features the slow evolution of shimmering, rich, harmonious textures. It is an excerpt from a work-in-progress (working title: Grains) by Edward Spiegel. Granular synthesis was used for microharmonic exploration. MetaSynth's granular synthesis tools were used to stretch a 30 second soundtrack piece into a lush 18-minute ambient exploration.

Grains: Part 3

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Source for Grains: Part 3

An Eery Transformation (work-in-progress)

"An eery transformation" is a noise-music piece that uses microharmonic transformations to turn harmonious music into an abstract desolate soundscape. The source audio had time compression applied to it before the microharmonic transformations were applied. Unlike the previous example, there seems to be very little resemblance between the source audio and the transformed audio. This piece would be at home in a horror sci-fi pic.

An Eery Transformation

Source for "An Eery Transformation"

Ambience 1009

Ambience 1009 - (work-in-progress) an exploration of a "rich detuning" based on a six note tuning (pentatonic plus third harmonic)

Ambience 1009 Granulated - This is a microharmonic exploration of Ambience 1009.

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